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Fascinating Features of Mazda Cars

As a winner of multiple awards based on consumer reports for the trusted car brands of 2021 and one of the best car brands in 2021, Mazda was launched to the international market in the 1960s. Mazda cars deliver excellent value for money, and they are efficient, comfortable, stylish and luxurious. Let's find out what makes Mazda a smart choice. Seven of the current Mazda models in 2021 were evaluated: Mazda3, Mazda6, Mazda CX-3, Mazda CX-30, Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-9 and Mazda MX-5.


In terms of reliability, safety, fuel efficiency and Road tests, all seven different Mazda lines have been tested and here is a breakdown of the features of this brand that exceled and won the consumers over.



Consumer Reports honored Mazda as its most reliable automobile brand for the first time, beating out other bigwigs and continuing its run of excellence in a span of months.

The Consumer Reports 2021 Brand Report Card revealed that the Hiroshima-headquartered carmaker was able to rely on accelerating sales of its CX-9 and CX-30 sport utility vehicles in North America despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The trade publication says that Mazda topped in three categories, including 'Best Reliability', 'Best Overall Mainstream' and 'Best Overall', allowing it to climb three spots to the top.

The criteria used were road-test score, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, safety and green choices.

Mazda emerging atop the heap is hot on the heels of another Consumer Reports survey in November, which named Mazda the most dependable and fun to drive vehicle — also the first time it was named to the top of that list.



Best Companion on The Road

After testing more than 250 car models based on 50 tests and ratings, this car has proven to be one of the safest and most reliable cars. Mazda's best detection devices that detect cars up to 50m, cameras, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure monitoring help avoid collisions or potential incidents with driver assistance and other safety features that are certainly unmatched for the price and the luxury they offer.


Reliable & Safety

Mazda received 83 out of 100 on its reliability. i-Activsense is Mazda's series of advanced technologies that make their cars stand out for safety and reliability. The security of a vehicle is determined by car crash test results, in which Mazda certainly takes the cake. Since the extra points, it scores with the safety features that come on all trim’s levels.


Innovative Designs and Technology

Standing in the forefront, this grand is a leading pathway based on imagination and ingenuity with innovative design solutions for an ever-changing world. Mazda's unique Skyactiv technology, including its new sophisticated engine system, is the leading innovator in today's model. With increased gasoline performance and power output, these technologies deliver better overall performance.


Lightweight Design & Fuel Efficient

Mazda has focused on lightweight design to reduce the weight of their motors, thus improving fuel efficiency and performance. New sleek and fine profiles added to Skyactiv era platforms reduce overall weight by up to 15% without compromising safety. By upgrading and improving chassis and suspension with an electric-powered steering system, Mazda makes driving a more relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Elegant and Chic

 The perfect ratio between the cost and the luxury that Mazda vehicle provides is one of the most popular choices in the market. Referred as an affordable luxury, this car is technologically advanced and extremely sleek and elegant. Often referred to as the soul of motion, this car has changed the market dynamics and raised the bar for a consumer-driven product that promises luxury, efficiency at a reasonable price.


Added Benefits

Aside from the above, the few additional perks of this car are its extended i-Activsense features, applicable warranty, Connection and entertainment (Mazda Connect), it's worth every penny and the most important of all, your happiness. Whether with the family or alone, Mazda gives you a sense of excellence and the experience of redefined luxury.