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For over 45 years, Galadari Automobiles Co. (GAL) is a leader in the automobile sector in the UAE with showrooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. By providing world-class automotive products and ensuring high quality after-sales servicing and customer support, GAL has established a reputation as a pioneer in automotive sales and earned the trust of thousands of satisfied customers and the leading motoring media titles. For motor brands looking to move into the region, GAL provides expert understanding of the local marketplace and the challenging logistics of bringing international brands to the UAE. A robust infrastructure already exists within this sector, built by Galadari Brothers to provide all the subsidiary activities needed to supply, sustain and grow motoring businesses.

Qualities to Look for When Choosing A SUV

With over 60 brands in the UAE market, buying a new SUV can be a daunting process. While you look for various qualities that suit your requirements of an SUV, it is essential that prior research is done regarding the product. If you take an overview of the UAE car market, you are likely to find that the SUVs have gradually started overtaking the Sedans. The best SUV in UAE delivers a sense of advanced technology for the comfort of the buyer. The known fact is that various compact SUVs have made a significant impact on the UAE car market that has experienced an incredible growth in the recent past. With various companies improvising on the SUV trend, this particular segment has offered the best compact SUV in UAE for most car buyers.           


It is essential that the car you decide to buy is reliable enough and worth the expense. The primary benefit is that it provides you with years of trouble-free driving. Since cars today are considered as the powerhouses of technology, the reliability rankings of these cars are also high. It is the fundamental priority of a buyer to ensure that the car bought by them has the brand’s legendary reliability.

Power and efficiency

Not all vehicles give you the same mileage. Depending on the handling of your SUV, various factors can affect your fuel efficiency. When it comes to power and versatility, we have seen that SUVs have traditionally earned high marks. However, there are various improvements and upgrades in the technologies used in the cars, making them efficient and the utility vehicles have come a long way providing you with different powertrains. Before you choose the right SUV for your family, you need to check for the safety features offered by these crossover vehicles.   

Safety Technology

Smart and advanced technologies used in latest SUVs have brought us closer to safer driving experience. Various companies that launch improvised SUVs strive hard to provide its customers with a great safety performance while giving them an incredible driving exposure. Also the known fact is that the brands that have their SUVs running on the roads keep researching more innovative ideas to enable the SUV owner to have safer trips. So make sure that the SUV you choose has the latest technologies to keep you safe.

Classy SUV Interiors

A SUV is the next expensive decision after you have bought a house. Just as you are very particular about the interiors of your home, you tend to do the same with the interiors of your car. The factors that make a crossover vehicle one of the best SUVs in town is comfort, safety and convenience. Every buyer looks for all the criteria while choosing a suitable SUV as per his requirements and of course the budget. Hence the SUVs are designed with maximum rear cargo space and also provide enough leg room for the customer’s convenience.

Family Friendly

Most SUVs give you expansive rear cargo and spacious interiors that are ideal for families. Latest SUVs have the capacity to carry more loads than usual hatchback which becomes its plus point for a prospective buyer. Keeping the plus-size or elderly adults in mind, the SUVs nowadays, provide comparatively extra height and space increasing the comfort level of the customers. The crossover vehicles are practically offering various advantages without excessive fuel consumption. Hence it becomes the most sought-after crossover vehicle in UAE.