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How Often Should You Get Your Brakes Checked?


As a reputable Mazda dealership in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we aim to ensure customer safety. Checking the brake pads is one of the crucial steps to ensure vehicle and driver’s safety. We recommend getting it inspected every six months and replaced after completing about 30,000 KMS.


Signs Your Brake Pads Need A Change

Your car's braking system should not make a loud squealing or grinding noise unless there is a problem. This might be one of the most obvious indications that the brakes are about to fail, so they must be fixed immediately. Another common red flag is when you must apply significant pressure to the brake pedal to stop your car. Getting them fixed instantly is the right way to prevent them from stopping abruptly.


What is the Longevity of Brake Pads?

This will highly depend on how often the vehicle is used. As a rule of thumb, it is best to change the brake pads after covering about 30,000 KMS and changing the rotors if you have driven over 100,000 KMS.


Driving style and vehicle weight are two factors that could have an impact. A heavier vehicle requires more force to stop, which puts more strain on the brakes and rotors and accelerates pad wear. For instance, your brake pads will last longer if you drive a small sedan rather than a large truck. Premature brake wear can also result from poor driving practices, such as waiting until the very last second to stop your car.


Can I Visually Inspect My Car’s Brakes?

You may have issues with your brake pressure or even the brakes themselves if you notice that your brake pedal is sticking and squealing. If you want to examine them visually, it is best to use a jack. Use a flashlight to look through the wheel's spokes, a standard brake pad location for most cars. Notice the thickness of the brake pads as well as the absence of brake dust. If unsure of the visual examination’s result, you can inspect it in other ways, such as a vibration sensation upon applying brakes.


Can I Replace my Car’s Brake Pads Without Fixing the Damaged Rotors?

Replacing brake pads on a car with damaged rotors is not recommended and may be dangerous. Any brake pad that is mounted on the wheel will also affect the brake pads, thus leading to serious complications. It is best to replace brake pads and rotors for safe and affordable repair.