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Complete Guide On Positioning Of Child Car Seats

As parents, you're constantly concerned about your child's safety, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Out of the many risks that most parents face, driving a car with their toddlers is of them. Whether you are taking an extended drive from one city to another or just driving down the street, ensuring that your child is safe throughout the journey is necessary. To ensure this, many parents prioritize choosing the top crossover cars in UAE for a safer, smoother, and comfortable ride.


This blog communicates one of the finest and safest ways to navigate with your child by achieving the accurate positioning of your car seat and more.


Front Seat


According to most researchers and experts, newborns and children aged three years should have an identical sitting arrangement at the middle rear seat. This placement is considered 45% safer than any other positioning in your car. It will deliver a comfortable experience and prevent the consequences of a car crash.


The same research also mandates parents to avoid establishing a forward-facing seat in front, primarily if your car supports an airbag feature. Children's seats should always be arranged at the back seat of your vehicle.


Sometimes even after lodging a sitting arrangement at the center, you might witness difficulty in positioning, which is unsafe. It is advised to use your side seats instead for a better and safer ride in times like these.


After Driver's Seat


Opting for a seat behind the driver's seat could be a safe option only if you park your car with the driver seat next to the footway. You should select an opposing side and ensure that the center is fitted and placed correctly for safety.


Central Seat


If your car comprise the facility of a Y-shaped seat belt setup for your middle seat, this is the safest place where your child could be positioned. Most child car seats require a secure seatbelt, so you need to study the child constraint instruction and the grounds of the seat.


Behind Front-Seat


Often it is considered securer than the seat which is on the backside of the driver, where you can typically move your child in and out of the car. You are only required to confirm that your child's seat is accommodated correctly in this position for safety.


Other Add-Ons -

Infant Car Seat


A car seat only designed for infants is a portable seat that can effortlessly be nestled in your car. Often used in rear-facing situations, the chairs allow babies of about 18 months to have a comfortable and safe ride.

Convertible Seats


Often used for older toddlers, these are dormant seats that remain in your car facing the rear with a limit to carrying higher-weighting toddlers.




Apart from all the seat positioning mentioned above, it is clear that the back seat is safer than any other seat positioning. You can follow this safe and most promising practice to ensure a soft ride along with safety guidelines inside any crossover vehicles in the UAE. Also, ensure that you limit your speed when driving with a child for a smooth and safe conveyance.