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Hatchback Vs Compact SUV – The Right Choice for You


When deciding to purchase a car, one of the most frequent questions is whether to select an SUV or a hatchback. While both vehicles have a variety of features, small SUVs are recognized for being more expensive. Choosing from some of the best hatchback cars in the UAE is essential based only on their qualities. Below is a guide that will aid you in making an important decision.



The body design that comes after an upward flip that resembles a hatch defines hatchback. One of the examples is the Mazda 3 hatchback, which has an inverted area for adjusting objects and seats and a hinged roof opening for a better vehicle experience.


Compact SUV

A compact SUV car comes in various sizes and dimensions. They are supported in different versions, such as mini or mid-size SUVs such as Mazda CX-5. It has been considered the best compact SUV car in UAE due to its transmission, robust design, and other exquisite features. Many drivers prefer compact SUVs as they are a considerable choice for long-distance travel, especially on road trips.


The Difference

While both cars are filled with unique advantages, it is necessary to make a choice based on your situation and requirement. Below are some of the most common differences that will help ease the choice process.



One of the basic requirements when choosing a vehicle is checking the visibility. If you’re having troubles seeing the road clearly, that means the car is not right for you. While most people believe SUVs are good in terms of visibility this may not always be the case. The height of the driver also matters. Oftentimes short people find it difficult to get a complete view of the road ahead due to their height. In this case, hatchback is ideal.


Market Demand

Since the launch, compact SUVs have created a special place for owners in the market. They have been one of the most prominent selling cars comparatively for a relatively long period.


Road Experience

Compact SUVs are often the primary choice especially if you reside in an area with uneven roads. The ground clearance make it easy to drive, ensuring a pleasurable drive.



When going on long drives, the most important thing after safety is comfort. Since you’ll be in the car for a longer duration you need to be comfortable or you won’t enjoy the ride. While we can’t compare between both vehicles in terms of comfort as this usually depends on the vehicle, what you can look for is the legroom and boot space. If there is plenty of legroom and space for your luggage, rest assured you’ll have a fun and relaxed trip. After all, no one wants to sit all cramped up for a long drive, the whole purpose is to be at ease and enjoy the drive.


End Note

As listed above, both cars have different and unique advantages. Depending on your urban setting, style, and affordability, you can purchase either. Go through these pointers again to make an informed decision. Else, simply browse through our collection and visit our showroom so we can assist you further.