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What Makes Mazda's SkyActiv Technology So Remarkable?


The motorheads and gearheads undoubtedly favor Mazda, and everybody who enjoys driving knows how Mazda can elevate performance and the driving experience. The popularity of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY has a lot to do with this. Although it sounds so sophisticated, it is pretty easy to understand. This technology aims to boost engine output while also improving fuel efficiency. Year after year, Mazda's SkyActiv innovations continue to astound us. A car built with the SkyActiv philosophy in mind is a cut above the competition. But what makes Mazda's SkyActiv technology so remarkable that people love to buy Mazda.  Read more:


Understanding SkyActiv Technology

Mazda's top goals are the highest levels of stability, performance, and driving enjoyment. SkyActiv is Mazda's commitment to building powerful, dynamic cars for its drivers. The SkyActiv name alerts customers and owners that a feature has undergone a unique treatment that improves the vehicle's performance. Engineers at Mazda created a brand-new technology that, in certain situations, can lower fuel consumption. This provides more performance and better fuel efficiency.


SkyActiv Platform

Mazda's focus on engineering is the main factor contributing to its distinctive driving experience. The fundamental structure and frame are where the Mazda experience all begins. Mazda vehicles have excellent stability thanks to the SkyActiv platform, which keeps the wheel firmly lodged at high speeds without sacrificing an agile, dynamic ride at low speeds.


SkyActiv Body

Your safety is ensured by the lightweight and dependable SKYACTIV-Body from Mazda. The body is 30 percent stiffer and 8% lighter than the previous Mazda platform. The driver and passengers feel secure even during sudden acceleration and agility.


SkyActiv Transmission

The automatic transmission's seamless shifting and improved fuel economy are both advantages. SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY in every Mazda vehicle offers you the sense of the unrestrained power of a sports car. The six-speed automatic provides smooth shifting and reliable acceleration. There is something for everyone at Mazda.


SkyActiv Engines

The normal car uses between 12 to 30 percent of the potential energy from its gasoline to drive ahead. With Mazda, though, that's not the case. The fuel-air mixture is compressed at a 14:1 ratio by the SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY engines for gasoline and diesel vehicles. By doing this, your engine consumes more of the fuel you purchase, boosting its better gas mileage rating and enabling you to travel farther.


G-Vectoring Control

The SkyActiv-Vehicle Dynamics enhance your Mazda's handling performance with G-Vectoring Control. When you turn, this mechanism adjusts the weight of your car to reduce G-forces. It modifies power delivery to give the driver more comfortable, fatigue-free driving. As you navigate the road's bends and corners, it provides smoother drives. This technology helps it feel more like you and your automobile are one, easily gliding over the streets by making clever use of torque and weight distribution.

Discover the benefits of SKYACTIV in Mazda's models, including the Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-3, and CX-5. Visit Mazda UAE to drive your own Mazda.