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When it comes to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape, only Mazda Car Genuine Service can deliver the assurance and peace of mind that you´re looking for.

Service 6


The service team at your Mazda Dealer has been factory-trained to provide you with exceptional service and ensure your vehicle is performing at its best. Mazda dealerships use Genuine Mazda Spare Parts and equipment to make sure your Mazda receives the finest care possible.

  • When you book your car in for its next service with Galadari Automobiles, why not take advantage of our Service Contract deals with savings & complete peace of mind?


    Reduced costs 

    • Approximately 15% savings from regular service costs
    • Discounts on labour and parts for additional repairs
    • Payment in installments (Terms & Conditions apply)
    • Contract price is protected from any inflation

    Peace of mind

    • Select the contract that suits your needs
    • Genuine manufacturer parts used
    • Certified Mazda technicians
    • Regular health check-ups reducing the chance of any future issues with your car
    • Complete service history records, maximizing your vehicle re-sale value


    • Easy and stress-free contract renewal
    • Nominal fee for contract transfers to new owners if needed (T&C apply.)
  • Mazda Maintenance

    Like any car, your Mazda needs regular care to keep it in premium working condition. We know our customers can choose to have their cars cared for outside of the Mazda dealer network. But why risk second-rate service, hidden prices or poor workmanship when Mazda Service Center guarantees a consistent set of values?

    Taking care of your car inside and out will keep it safe, roadworthy, fuel efficient and less polluting. It’ll also protect your prized asset’s value for years to come.

    For full details take a look at our MAZDA MAINTENANCE CATALOUGE

    Owner Maintenance

    For full details take a look at our OWNER MAINTENANCE

    Driving Tips

    Refer Digital Owner’s Manual

    Maintenance Parts

    Whenever you visit a Mazda Dealer and buy new Mazda CX-3 or other models, you can trust that we can supply you with Mazda Genuine Parts designed solely for your vehicle, fitted by our specially trained Mazda technicians.

    To know the importance of maintenance parts, take a look at our Periodic Replacement Parts   section

  • Our Bodyshops are equipped with advanced machines for Collision repairs, Spot paint/ Repairs, Complete refinishing + paint, Buffing +Polishing. We use high quality Nexa Autocolor paints in our Body shop.

    We are ensuring that you get the professional attention you deserve, from the moment you get in touch with us to the time you drive away in your newly repaired car, we’ll try to make sure your experience is as painless and hassle-free as we can. Your Mazda car will be repaired in a manufacturer-approved Mazda Bodyshop, in which a team of Mazda-trained specialists will utilize their full expertise in fixing your vehicle. Only genuine Mazda parts will be used, ensuring your Mazda is restored to the highest standard.

    What to do in case of an accident?

    1. Get the accident police report.
    2. Report the accident to your insurance company and obtain claim number.
    3. Produce the vehicle for the estimation of the repairs along required documents for insurance (Police report, Driving License copy, Vehicle Reg Card copy)
    4. On your behalf, we will send claim documents to the insurance company for approval.
    5. Once we receive the approval/ LPO from the insurance company we will proceed with the repairs.

    Vehicle Body-care

    We offer following services to keep your Mazda in top condition

    1. Smart Dent Repair: SMART repairs & PDR (Paint less Dent Repair).
    2. Zeibart: Body paint protection, anti-rust treatment, detailing job, alloy wheel refurbishment, rust proofing and tinting.
      For further details
    1. Wheels & Tyres: Wheel rims painting and Tyre repairs
    2. Head light polishing
  • When Trouble arises, we ensure your safety first. Helpful information on what to do if a problem arises with the vehicle.

    Refer Digital Owner’s Manual -   Sample Mazda 3 added

    KEY Battery Dead        Click here to view

    CAR Battery Dead        Click here to view

    Flat Tyre                        Click here to view

    Warning lamps            Click here to view

    Flooded road drive     Click here to view     

    Overheat                     Click here to view

  • What happens if my car remote battery is dead?

    Keyless entry will be restricted and advanced engine start will not be possible.

    What is the recommended tyre pressure for my car?

    Check the tyre pressure label on the front LHS Door for tyre size and inflation pressure, or the same available in the owner’s manual.

    Is it safe to drive the car with warning light?

    If any warning light turns on/flashes, take appropriate action for each light. There is no problem if the light turns off, however if the light does not turn off or turns on/flashes again, consult an Authorised Mazda Repairer.

    The details for some warnings can be viewed on the center display or multi-information display in the instrument cluster. Lights are classified according to their colour


    What is the recommended fuel for my car?

    Vehicles with catalytic converters or oxygen sensors must use ONLY UNLEADED FUEL, which will reduce exhaust emissions and keep spark plug fouling to a minimum. UAE vehicles are recommended to use the fuel having Octane number 95 or above. Refer the owner’s manual for other countries.

    Any special care for Skyactiv engine?

    Perform the regular vehicle maintenance at said intervals as per manufacturer, also use Mazda deposit cleaner at every 10K for better fuel efficiency.

    Any Special care for Turbo engine?

    • After driving at freeway speeds or up a long hill, trailer towing for a long time, idle the engine at least 30 seconds before stopping it. Otherwise, the turbocharger could be damaged. However, when i-stop operates, idling is unnecessary.
    • Racing or over-revving the engine, particularly after it's just been started, can damage the turbocharger.
    • To protect the engine from damage, the engine is designed so that it cannot be raced just after starting it in extremely cold weather.
    • The turbocharger greatly enhances engine power. Its advanced design provides improved operation and requires minimum maintenance.

    To get the most from it, observe the following.

    • Change engine oil and filter according to Scheduled Maintenance.
    • Use only recommended engine oil.

    What is involved with the Apple Car Play™/Android Auto™ upgrade?

    Mazda Connect needs to be upgraded to the latest software version, which also benefits from improved speed and some other new functions. Additionally, there is a new USB port that has to be installed, enabling 2.1 amps of current to the phone plugged into it. This is upgraded from the previous 1-amp system. Note: use max 5 amps devices only


    MAZDA CONNECT map update Instructions:

    • Download and install MAZDA TOOLBOX on your computer
    • Remove the Navigation SD card from your vehicle
    • Connect the Navigation SD card to your computer
    • Follow the MAZDA TOOLBOX instructions


    Most Mazda vehicles equipped with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY* have lifetime transmission fluid that only needs to be changed when a major transmission component or the entire transmission needs replacement.

    For Mazda vehicles that do not have SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY:

    Mazda has specific recommendations on the service intervals for your vehicle, including the transmission. While most non-SKYACTIV Mazda transmissions do not need regular maintenance, to determine when your transmission should be serviced, please reference your owner's manual under "Maintenance and Care." We recommend having your vehicle inspected by a Mazda Dealer if the fluid is dark, has a dirty consistency or a strong foul (burnt) odor. 

    *SKYACTIV is a registered trademark of Mazda Motor Corporation.


    You are responsible for properly operating and maintaining your Mazda vehicle in accordance with the instructions described in your owner's manual and warranty booklet. Recommended service interval by manufacture is 6 months / 10000 KM whichever comes earlier.


    Always keep your car keys safe and damage free. If the keys are lost or stolen, please inform the matter to nearest police station and obtain a report. Then contact with your Mazda Dealer or your insurance company for the further procedures.


    New Mazda vehicle keys may be obtained directly from Mazda Dealer. In order to provide replacement keys, ownership information will need to be verified in person. Contact your nearest dealer for owner verification and pricing. Please note: For security reasons, we cannot provide key codes by telephone, email.


    Mazda does not recommend altering or modifying vehicle tire or wheel sizes from the specifications to which they were originally built. Doing so may adversely impact your New-Vehicle Limited Warranty and driving safety. All of the parts fitted to your Mazda vehicle from the factory have been tested to ensure they meet Mazda standards. The wheels fitted at the factory are engineered by Mazda and tested to ensure they are safe and will not interfere with any other components or systems in your vehicle.

    Fitting larger wheels or tires can affect the operation of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)* Traction Control System (TCS) and Roll Stability Control (RSC), which all have very complex programming. A seemingly insignificant change to the vehicle ride height, or the size of a wheel or tire, may prevent these systems from performing correctly. In addition, there may also be insufficient spacing between other components within the vicinity (such as the suspension strut, control arm, steering rack, brake calipers, etc.).

    *Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is an electronic system designed to help the driver maintain control under adverse conditions. It is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Factors including speed, road conditions and driver steering input can all affect whether DSC will be effective in preventing loss of control. Please see your owner's manual for further details.



    Our Customer Service Center representatives are here to help:

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