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Tips to Shield Your Mazda from Damaging Effects of Sunlight


When exposed to UV rays for an extended period of time, your Mazda can suffer from a variety of problems, including paint fading, upholstery damage, interior cracking, reduced batter life, etc. Therefore, shielding the vehicle from sun damage is essential to maintain its aesthetics and longevity. Here are some useful tips to keep your vehicle safe during Dubai's scorching summer.


Use Sunshades

Shield the interior of your vehicle from direct sun rays using sunshades. They are an affordable yet effective solution that acts like a barrier, preventing sunlight from heating up the car's cabin and damaging the dashboard and upholstery. For optimal coverage, invest in high-quality reflective shields that fit your windows.


Tint Your Windows

To lessen the amount of heat and sunlight entering your car, have your windows tinted. They reduce the risk of interior fading and provide better UV protection and heat rejection. To avoid legal problems, confirm the local laws about the degree of window tint darkness.


Use a Car Cover

If your vehicle is parked outside for a longer time, consider covering it with a quality and breathable car cover. It offers excellent defense to the interior as well as the exterior against the damaging effects of the sun and keeps the vehicle dust-free. Just look for a cover specifically designed for your Mazda to protect it completely.


Apply Wax and Sealant

It is crucial to apply a protective layer such as wax and paint sealants to the exterior of the car. It helps to maintain the shine and appearance throughout the summertime. Over time, the paintwork may fade and suffer damage from harmful UV radiation. Thus, adding these protective layers offers a shield against sunlight, lowers the chance of paint fading, and keeps the paint's visual appeal.


Install Window Deflectors

While the vehicle is parked in the sun, window deflectors allow for optimum ventilation. Installing them decreases the amount of heat buildup inside the car, making the interior more comfortable when you get back in.


Park in the Shade

When you are out exploring the beautiful city or need to finish any pending work, try parking your Mazda in the shaded area. This will protect it from direct sunlight and keep the interior cool, lowering the likelihood of heat entering inside and reducing the possibility of cracked interiors and faded upholstery.


Wash Frequently

It is advised to wash your vehicle regularly to get rid of dust and debris, as they can cause scratches and abrasions on the surface. This not only affects the paint but also makes your car lose its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, frequent washing is essential to maintain the appearance of your automobile.


Regular Servicing and Maintenance

A regular Mazda service enables technicians to examine the exterior of the vehicle and address issues like paint deterioration or cracked seals caused by harmful UV radiation. So, remain up to date regarding the servicing and maintenance of your vehicle, and visit your Mazda dealership to get the best car care.


Store in the Garage

When not in use, make sure to keep the car in the garage. This will protect it from sun damage and reduce the chances of hazardous dust particles building up on the surface, which could damage the car's exterior.


Monitor Tire Pressure

Apart from harming the paint and aesthetics, sunlight can also be dangerous for tires. Prolonged exposure to heat can affect the tire pressure and cause air to expand, resulting in overinflation. Thus, it is vital to keep an eye on the tire pressure to avoid any mishaps and replace them when necessary. Properly inflated tires increase fuel efficiency, extend tire life, and enhance handling.