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Mazda3 – All You Need to Know | GALADARI AUTOMOBILES CO. LLC LTD

Buying any car cannot be an impulse purchase. A lot goes behind finding the perfect model and understanding whether it matches your requirement. Some users want a feature-rich vehicle, while others want an affordable one. Mazda is a vehicle that everybody associates with sophistication. Check car prices in UAE before you decide on one model. The Mazda3 cars are quite a rage, and versatility matches the sporty look.


However, you would want to know more about the various variants. Though each has similar features, it is better to have a fair idea. Hence, we bring a review of all the Mazda3 variants available. Have a look and decide which ones you consider suitable for you.


Mazda3 2.0

The Mazda3 2.0 is available in hatchback and sedan. It has the Skyactiv-G or 2.0-liter engine. Very high on efficiency, the car delivers 153 horsepower and comes with a six-speed transmission (automatic). The interiors, too, here are pretty stylish. Some features are:


  • Connect infotainment system
  • 8.8-inch distinct center display
  • Push-button for start



There isn't much wrong with the Mazda 3's handling. It's smooth, precise, pleasant, quiet, and elegant. It's quite nice for a standard hatch.


The 2.0-litre normally aspirated petrol at the basic level suffers a little. There's some torque between 3,000 and 5,000 rpm (peaking at 157lb ft at 4,000 rpm), but performance is sluggish, the engine drones, and the ride isn't particularly smooth.


Both are clean and efficient thanks to Skyactiv technology, which include a mild hybrid system that employs brake regen to store power in a tiny battery that powers the on-board electric systems for the fuel. Mazda may have done so for very good engineering reasons.


It's very traditional, avoiding the current tendency of replacing dials and buttons with screens. Most brands do this to simplify the layout, however it's already clean and simple here. The heating system is simple to operate, and the infotainment menu layout (which is controlled by a clickwheel on the console) is straightforward. The switchgear has been organized in a sensible manner. It's also pleasing to the eye and well-made. You'll feel at peace in this space, and you'll be able to use it effortlessly even on the move.

In Conclusion

It is easy for you to decide which model to pick with the above reviews. Only a reputed seller would give you the best deal hence choose sensibly. Of late, its cars have become the bestselling sedan in UAE.