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Car Maintenance Tips for Summer

Summer heat can be very tricky. Everyone gets highly taken back by the summer heat. If the scorching heat of Dubai can get living beings all sweaty, imagine what can do to your cars and immovables. Dubai is a place meant for fancy cars and skyscrapers. People from various parts of the world come to Dubai to experience a luxurious life. Most people on vacation in Dubai move around by renting cars of their choice. Some of the bestselling sedans in the UAE are at your service. However, maintaining a vehicle, especially in the summer, can be tedious if you live in Dubai.

It is always good to have your vehicle in working condition. Keeping it parked in one place does no good for the cars and their owners. Hence it is best to get the cars out, even if it is a short trip to the grocery store. If you are a resident of Dubai and happen to bump into our page, then continue reading as we share with you some car maintenance tips for the summer.

Inspect The Car Battery

The life of the car depends on its battery. Over time along with the wear and tear of the vehicle, the car's battery wears out. It is highly recommended to check the battery life at least once in 6 months. And if necessary, timely replacement is the best solution. Without a good battery, your vehicle will not be of much use. Especially in the summer, with the extreme heat conditions, a car battery can get heated and make it difficult to start. Hence before you head on your journey, ensure you check the battery.


Tires are one of the primary reasons for road accidents. Most of the time, owners start their journey without inspecting the tires, and their journey ends up in a major tragedy. Summers can be harsh on the car tires. Hence, it is advisable to rotate the tires and ensure their treading is intact. Always keep a spare tire or keep the emergency number of the mechanic on your phone list. You never know when your tire may give way on long drives.

Check The Coolants and Other Fluids

One of the things we often forget is the coolants and other fluids in the car. Over time, owners forget to change the coolants, and these gestures always hit the vehicles. If you are looking to maintain your car in good condition, it is highly recommended to constantly change the coolant and fluids. The main reason for the coolants is to keep the vehicle's temperature in check. Coolants help the cars to remain cool even after the car is overheated.

Check The Oil

For the car to operate smoothly, it is essential to check the engine oil. When there is insufficient oil in the engine, the engine parts are not lubricated enough, and hence there is engine failure. Summers mean extra heat to the car. During these extreme conditions, engines take a toll. Therefore, regularly checking the oils before you take off your journey is highly recommended.

To Conclude

Look for the best hatchback cars in the UAE or even sedans or SUV depending on your preference, and follow these tips to ensure durability.