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Importance Of Maintaining the Right Tyre Pressure


Each of us has a primary concern in terms of safety for ourselves and others while on the road. It is a well-known fact that one out of 10 fatal vehicle collisions are caused by defective tyres. This is a significant factor that each one of us must pay close attention to.


Every year, the percentage rises because many drivers are unaware of the importance of tyre pressure. Many consider it to be a small part of their car maintenance. The right amount of tyre pressure is especially important as it supports the entire vehicle while on the road. Does it have the right air pressure so that the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed, keeping it stable on the road? If the tyre has less pressure or extra pressure, it lacks stability, creating a negative effect while stopping and handling. This will also lead to the tyres wearing unevenly, creating added concerns.

In this guide, we will discuss the importance of maintaining the right tyre pressure.

Handling The Pressure

When you maintain the right pressure on the tyre, it will increase the life of the tyre. Whereas if the tyre is not inflated properly, it will result in irregular wear, causing external and internal damage to the tyre and leading to catastrophic and sudden failure of the tyre. Such failures can cause serious injuries to passengers, drivers, and other people on the road.


When should you check the tyre pressure? It is always recommended to check the pressure once every 2 weeks, but it is advisable to check the pressure in your tyre whenever you re-fuel. If you cannot check it once every 2 weeks, you should check the pressure of your tyres at least once every 30 days.

Underinflation And Overinflation

When your tyre is overinflated, it reduces the power of cushioning and makes the tyres susceptible to aberrations, penetration, and impacts. This will have a negative effect on the handling, leading to thread wear of the tyre.


When your tile is underinflated, it causes the tier to excessively flex, leading to tread separation, breaking up of the casing, and overheating. When there is less contact between the road and the tyre, it results in shoulder wear affecting the vehicle's handling negatively. Underinflation causes tyre blowouts. Therefore, it is critical to maintain the right tyre pressure.

Impact On Passenger Safety & Vehicle Performance

When you maintain the right pressure in your tyre, it increases the lifespan of the tyre. If the tyre is underinflated even by just one bar, it will reduce the lifespan of the tyre by 25%. When your tyres are underinflated, your fuel consumption rises by more than 5%. It also increases the stopping distance, even at normal speed, by over 8 meters. This occurs with heavier vehicles, and the danger increases when combined with wet or windy weather.

Overinflated tyres lead to wear of the centre thread. Overinflated tyres are extremely unsafe because they are extraordinarily rigid and susceptible to damage caused by striking curbs or hitting potholes. Overinflation is also the cause of the reduced lifespan of the tyre. This will increase your overall cost in the future.

Overall, maintaining the right pressure in the tyre is especially important. If you are looking at purchasing a new car, you can consider the most popular ones used such as the Japanese cars in Dubai.