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Five Reasons to Buy A Sedan


SUVs are currently much more in demand than sedans, which is obvious to anyone who knows anything about automobiles. In fact, a recent study reveals that SUVs accounted for 80% of all new car sales. That does not necessarily imply that the 20% of people who purchase sedans are losing out. The following five reasons explain why you should choose us when looking for the best sedan cars in the UAE.


Greater Driving Dynamics

Due to their superior agility, sedans make driving safer, simpler, and more confident in the event that an emergency maneuver is required. At the same time, sedans are obviously more aerodynamic due to their wedge-shaped design. Along with better stability at higher speeds, this also typically offers better fuel economy thanks to lighter curb weights.


Roomy Interiors

Contrary to popular belief, the interiors are really not as cramped. In fact, the entire Mazda lineup of sedans has plenty of space inside, with adequate headroom and legroom. This makes the car ideal for tall passengers as well. In fact, long drives no longer need to be done only in SUVs.


Cargo Space

One of the biggest pet peeves amongst drivers is when someone decides to empty the boot while they're backed up against a wall or another vehicle. Many carparks have an issue with outward-swinging boot doors, which makes it difficult to retrieve items after you've parked. That issue won't arise with a sedan's upward-swinging boot, though. Additionally, many sedans have very large boot spaces. The Mazda3 sedan and Mazda6 sedan are good examples.


Easy to Clean

As mentioned earlier, sedans are shorter in height. This makes it easy for individuals of a shorter height to clean their cars properly. You won't need to balance on a stool to sponge the roof if you are as meticulous as we are. The same holds for drying the car. You'll have more time for a Sunday cup of coffee and a good book because it'll be simpler, faster, and less physically demanding.


There is More to What Meets The Eye

While compact SUVs are currently receiving much more marketing attention and hype, some people may view sedans as proven platforms and assume they are old. However, sedans are just as well-equipped as their stilted brethren. The Mazda3, for instance, stands out thanks to its captivating classic silhouette and premium details.