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For over 45 years, Galadari Automobiles Co. (GAL) is a leader in the automobile sector in the UAE with showrooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. By providing world-class automotive products and ensuring high quality after-sales servicing and customer support, GAL has established a reputation as a pioneer in automotive sales and earned the trust of thousands of satisfied customers and the leading motoring media titles. For motor brands looking to move into the region, GAL provides expert understanding of the local marketplace and the challenging logistics of bringing international brands to the UAE. A robust infrastructure already exists within this sector, built by Galadari Brothers to provide all the subsidiary activities needed to supply, sustain and grow motoring businesses.

Why Should You Take Your Car for A Weekly Drive?

Have you purchased the best selling sedan and are afraid to take it out regularly because it might suffer scratches and dents? While that might look like a wise decision, it isn’t. It is always better to drive your car regularly as it helps you detect its issues and repair it regularly. Suppose you own one of the most famous Japanese car models in Dubai, and it stops working correctly because of underuse. How boring is that? There are several reasons you must take your car for a weekly drive. Remember, while overusing your car can damage it, underusing it might have several issues too. Here are some of the reasons why driving your car is essential.

Driving Helps Maintain The Car’s Battery

A regular drive for around 15-20 minutes helps you keep your battery charged. Keeping your car idle for several months might affect its battery’s condition and reduce its power. You might not be able to drive your vehicle for long distances occasionally if you leave them idle for the rest of the year. Thus, underusing your car can reduce its efficiency and battery performance. It would be best to drive your car for at least 20 minutes a week.

Keep Pests Away

Keeping your car unused for a long time can make it a breeding ground for pests and insects. While you might think regular pest control would keep them away, that is not true. You need to use your car regularly for its motors to function and keep them out. Several insects and pests can damage your car parts and cause havoc in your car. Thus, it would be best to ensure you inspect your car and drive it regularly to avoid them.

A Great Way To Relax

Self-drives can be a relaxing therapy after a long week. Suppose you bought one of the best-selling sedans in the country. Why wouldn’t you drive it frequently? After all, cars are meant to be on roads, not in your garage. Studies reveal that going on long or short drives during the weekends can rejuvenate people and serve as an appropriate relaxation mode. You can also take your kids on a joy ride in your car on the weekends. This serves two purposes. Firstly, your car gets used, and secondly, you get to entertain yourself.

Allows You To Clean Your Parking Space

While you keep your car parked for several months at the same spot, dust particles, insects, mud, and grass can accumulate around it. Such things not only make your parking lot dirty but also affect your car. Remember, several germs can grow on dirty surfaces and can creep in your car. Thus, it would be best to take your car out occasionally and clean your parking lot.

It Helps You Detect Errors Faster

Your car might have several issues over time. However, you would not know about these unless you drive them regularly. Suppose there is some problem with the engine, or the brakes are not functioning correctly. How would you know if you do not drive your car? Thus, a weekly drive helps you detect the issues in your car faster. Remember, damaged car parts can be risky and worsen over time. Therefore, it would be best to get them repaired soon as you detect them. This would help you maintain your safety and your car’s condition.